Marketing and Promotion:

PawStar leverages its meme-friendly nature to create a viral marketing campaign. Memes featuring the adorable PawStar characters are shared across social media platforms, creating a buzz and attracting meme enthusiasts. The community is encouraged to create their own PawStar memes and share them using dedicated hashtags.

Collaborations with popular meme accounts, pet influencers, and meme-related platforms help spread the word and drive engagement. Additionally, PawStar organizes meme contests and challenges where users can win exclusive NFTs and merchandise.

Through its playful and lighthearted approach, PawStar aims to capture the attention of meme lovers, pet enthusiasts, and crypto enthusiasts alike, creating a unique and entertaining meme coin experience.

We will initially concentrate our efforts on building a hyped community on our social media platforms. once we start to get noticed and enough hype is generated we plan to push out some of our partnerships with other huge animal projects and tokens in the crypto space

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